Super High Strength Blind Fastener

Super High Strength Blind Fastener


Super High Strength


Installing PADOM fasteners is easy, you can learn the installation procedure in just 1 second, eliminating the need to hire certified welders or specially trained employees. In other words, the correct installation doesn’t depend on operator skill and installations are more accurate than other fasteners. When you start using PADOM fasteners, saving you more money in the long run.

PADOM fastening system is tough enough for military vehicles and equipment, auto suspensions, amusement park rides, rail car assembly, and shaft steel storage and retrieval racks. Even the most demanding high-tensile application is no match for the strength of the PADOM fastening system.




PADOM Blind Fastener
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Vibration resistance & High tensile performance Firm, Fast, Safe and easy installation, mechanically locked Reducing labor time by eliminating secondary operations. No need for special training required for welding work.





  • Elevator
  • Auto body
  • Truck container
  • Factory
  • Solar panel
  • Crane
  • Rail car assembly
  • Bridge construction


Installation Instructions


Insert the fastener into the hole and slip the installation tool over the pintail.


Press the trigger to initiate pulling action, until the maximum allowable bulb is formed on the backside.


Continued pulling on the pintail draws the workpieces together and moves down the length of the collar, securely locking the collar to the pin.


The tool ejects the fastener and releases the puller to complete the sequence.






The collar is locked to the pin through the forming process, creating a high vibration-resistant connection and the highest strength of any blind fastener.



Technical Specification

PADOM Super High Strength


Available Sizes

Diameter (D) Grip Shear Tensile
4.8mm (3/16")
Ø 5.3~5.6(0.22)
2.4-4.0mm (0.10-0.16") 12,455N (2,800lbs) 8,007N (1,800lbs)
4.0-5.6mm (0.16-0.22") 12,455N (2,800lbs) 8,007N (1,800lbs)
5.6-7.1mm (0.22-0.28") 12,455N (2,800lbs) 8,007N (1,800lbs)
7.2-8.7mm (0.28-0.33") 12,455N (2,800lbs) 8,007N (1,800lbs)
8.7-10.3mm (0.33-0.41") 12,455N (2,800lbs) 8,007N (1,800lbs)
10.3-11.9mm (0.41-0.47") 12,455N (2,800lbs) 8,007N (1,800lbs)
11.9-13.5mm (0.47-0.53") 12,455N (2,800lbs) 8,007N (1,800lbs)
13.5-15.1mm (0.53-0.59") 12,455N (2,800lbs) 8,007N (1,800lbs)
15.1-16.7mm (0.59-0.65") 12,455N (2,800lbs) 8,007N (1,800lbs)
16.7-18.3mm (0.65-0.71") 12,455N (2,800lbs) 8,007N (1,800lbs)
18.3-19.8mm (0.71-0.79") 12,455N (2,800lbs) 8,007N (1,800lbs)
6.4mm (1/4")
Ø 7.0~7.4(0.29)
2.4-4.0mm (0.10-0.16") 22,686N (5,100lbs) 14,457N (3,250lbs)
4.0-5.6mm (0.16-0.22") 22,686N (5,100lbs) 14,457N (3,250lbs)
5.6-7.1mm (0.22-0.28") 22,686N (5,100lbs) 14,457N (3,250lbs)
7.2-8.7mm (0.28-0.33") 22,686N (5,100lbs) 14,457N (3,250lbs)
8.7-10.3mm (0.33-0.41") 22,686N (5,100lbs) 14,457N (3,250lbs)
10.3-11.9mm (0.41-0.47") 22,686N (5,100lbs) 14,457N (3,250lbs)
11.9-13.5mm (0.47-0.53") 22,686N (5,100lbs) 14,457N (3,250lbs)
13.5-15.1mm (0.53-0.59") 22,686N (5,100lbs) 14,457N (3,250lbs)
15.1-16.7mm (0.59-0.65") 22,686N (5,100lbs) 14,457N (3,250lbs)
16.7-18.3mm (0.65-0.71") 22,686N (5,100lbs) 14,457N (3,250lbs)
18.3-19.8mm (0.71-0.79") 22,686N (5,100lbs) 14,457N (3,250lbs)
19.9-21.4mm (0.79-0.85") 22,686N (5,100lbs) 14,457N (3,250lbs)
21.4-23.0mm (0.85-0.91") 22,686N (5,100lbs) 14,457N (3,250lbs)
8.0mm (5/16")
Ø 8.8~9.3(0.37)
4.8-7.9mm (0.20-0.31") 35,808N (8,050lbs) 23,131N (5,200lbs)
6.4-9.5mm (0.26-0.37") 35,808N (8,050lbs) 23,131N (5,200lbs)
8.0-11.1mm (0.31-0.43") 35,808N (8,050lbs) 23,131N (5,200lbs)
11.1-14.3mm (0.43-0.55") 35,808N (8,050lbs) 23,131N (5,200lbs)
14.3-17.5mm (0.55-0.69") 35,808N (8,050lbs) 23,131N (5,200lbs)
17.5-20.6mm (0.69-0.81") 35,808N (8,050lbs) 23,131N (5,200lbs)
20.6-23.8mm (0.81-0.94") 35,808N (8,050lbs) 23,131N (5,200lbs)
23.8-27.0mm (0.94-1.59") 35,808N (8,050lbs) 23,131N (5,200lbs)
9.6mm (3/8")
Ø 10.5~11.0(0.43)
4.8-7.9mm (0.20-0.31") 49,375N (11,100lbs) 32,250N (7,250lbs)
8.0-11.1mm (0.31-0.43") 49,375N (11,100lbs) 32,250N (7,250lbs)
11.1-14.3mm (0.43-0.55") 49,375N (11,100lbs) 32,250N (7,250lbs)
14.3-17.5mm (0.55-0.69") 49,375N (11,100lbs) 32,250N (7,250lbs)
17.5-20.6mm (0.69-0.81") 49,375N (11,100lbs) 32,250N (7,250lbs)
20.6-23.8mm (0.81-0.94") 49,375N (11,100lbs) 32,250N (7,250lbs)
23.8-27.0mm (0.94-1.59") 49,375N (11,100lbs) 32,250N (7,250lbs)
27.0-30.1mm (1.06-1.18") 49,375N (11,100lbs) 32,250N (7,250lbs)
30.2-33.3mm (1.18-1.32") 49,375N (11,100lbs) 32,250N (7,250lbs)
12.7mm (1/2")
Ø 13.9~14.8(0.58)
6.4-9.5mm (0.26-0.37") 89,632N (20,150lbs) 57,827N (13,000lbs)
9.5-12.7mm (0.37-0.49") 89,632N (20,150lbs) 57,827N (13,000lbs)
12.7-15.9mm (0.49-0.63") 89,632N (20,150lbs) 57,827N (13,000lbs)
15.9-19.1mm (0.63-0.75") 89,632N (20,150lbs) 57,827N (13,000lbs)
19.1-22.2mm (0.75-0.87") 89,632N (20,150lbs) 57,827N (13,000lbs)
22.2-25.4mm (0.87-1.00") 89,632N (20,150lbs) 57,827N (13,000lbs)
25.4-28.6mm (1.00-1.12") 89,632N (20,150lbs) 57,827N (13,000lbs)
28.6-31.8mm (1.12-1.26") 89,632N (20,150lbs) 57,827N (13,000lbs)
31.8-34.9mm (1.26-1.38") 89,632N (20,150lbs) 57,827N (13,000lbs)
35.0-38.1mm (1.38-1.50") 89,632N (20,150lbs) 57,827N (13,000lbs)
38.1-41.3mm (1.50-1.63") 89,632N (20,150lbs) 57,827N (13,000lbs)
16.0mm (5/8")
Ø 17.4~18.5(0.73)
6.4-12.7mm (0.26-0.51") 126,774N (28,500lbs) 91,189N (20,500lbs)
12.7-19.1mm (0.51-0.75") 126,774N (28,500lbs) 91,189N (20,500lbs)
19.1-25.4mm (0.75-1.00") 126,774N (28,500lbs) 91,189N (20,500lbs)
25.4-31.8mm (1.00-1.26") 126,774N (28,500lbs) 91,189N (20,500lbs)
31.8-38.1mm (1.26-1.50") 126,774N (28,500lbs) 91,189N (20,500lbs)
19.0mm (3/4")
Ø 21.0~22.2(0.87)
6.4-12.7mm (0.26-0.51") 200,615N (45,100lbs) 129,443N (29,100lbs)
12.7-19.1mm (0.51-0.75") 200,615N (45,100lbs) 129,443N (29,100lbs)
19.1-25.4mm (0.75-1.00") 200,615N (45,100lbs) 129,443N (29,100lbs)
25.4-31.8mm (1.00-1.26") 200,615N (45,100lbs) 129,443N (29,100lbs)
31.8-38.1mm (1.26-1.50") 200,615N (45,100lbs) 129,443N (29,100lbs)
38.1-44.5mm (1.50-1.75") 200,615N (45,100lbs) 129,443N (29,100lbs)
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