Super High Strength Blind Fastener


Powerful riveting function

Suitable for heavy industry

Integrated ultra-high-strength rivet for heavy-duty structures, durable, with excellent seismic and tensile performance. Operates without special training, and the special mechanical locking design eliminates the need for regular tightening and maintenance.

Installation Time

1 sec

Shear Strength

45,000 lbs

Tensile Strength

29,100 lbs

Quick Installation

The PADOM installation process is simple and fast, taking only a few seconds to complete. Operators do not need to undergo special training.

img Place the rivet into the pre-drilled hole and then insert the collar onto the tail of the rivet.
img Activate the rivet gun, causing one end of the blind side to start deforming.
img Tighten the connection to form an internal lock ring.
img Disconnect the tail of the rivet to complete the installation.


Ultra-high-strength riveting provides the most secure and reliable fastening results.

  • Military equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Solar panel module assembly
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Automotive suspensions
  • Railway vehicle assembly
  • Amusement park facilities

Durable, safe, and easy to install, providing professional-grade ultra-high-strength fastening.

Technical Specifications

Galvanized low carbon steel body + Anti-rust medium carbon steel mandrel.

PADOM Available Sizes

Product Catalog

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