Hex Washer Head

Hex Washer Head


Steel to Steel Applications


HWH screws have a built in washer to help distribute load to a wider area. This heavy duty screw is ideal for steel to steel applications.


  • For heavy duty purposes
  • Metal deck to structural steel or bar joist
  • Clip to structural or bar joist
  • Longer length fasteners for sheet applications



Hex Washer Head
00m 21s
Technical Specification

PATEK Hex Washer Head





Available Sizes

Diameter (D) Length (L) Drill Point Drill Capacity
5.5mm 32.0mm #5 12.0
38.0mm #5 12.0
50.0mm #5 12.0
63.0mm #5 12.0
75.0mm #5 12.0

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