Sledge Hammer

Sledge Hammer


Sledge Hammer


The PATTA Sledge Hammer is made for heavy-duty, and meant for blunt force trauma combining its heavy weight with the long handle to swing it quickly. This combined effect delivers a great amount of force to a small area in order to move or more likely break something.



The sledge offers a soft grip handle that will naturally fit the shape of your hand. For lighter jobs just the weight of the head may be used for blow's, but for heavier work, the hammer is swung like an axe.






  • Driving stakes, or breaking up concrete and masonry walls
  • Dislodging a trapped object
  • Driving fence posts into the ground
  • Driving railroad spikes into wooden sleepers during rail construction.



Technical Specification

Sledge Hammer HSL-P



Item No. Size
HSL-P0002 2lb
HSL-P0003 3lb
HSL-P0004 4lb
HSL-P0006 6lb
HSL-P0008 8lb
HSL-P0010 10lb
HSL-P0012 12lb
HSL-P0014 14lb
HSL-P0016 16lb
HSL-P0018 18lb
HSL-P0020 20lb

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