Bent Head Claw Hammer

Bent Head Claw Hammer


Bent Head Claw Hammer


Head of the hammer does not form a straight line, but is normally curved, and incorporates a 'V' cut-out to draw nails from timber.



Handling designs in absorbing the shock vibrations, reducing user fatigue and offer high strength characteristics, being virtually unbreakable. Fitted with a blue rubber grip moulded directly onto the shaft. The lightweight is built to be swung at thousands of nails by a user all day long.






  • Driving nails into, or pulling nails from woodworking
  • Use with wood products
  • Lever up floorboards or where other places where a lever is required
  • To strike chisels, punches
  • Rivet, form or straighten non-hardened steel





Technical Specification

Bent Head Claw Hammer HBH-Z00



Item No.                                               Size Magnet in head
HBH-Z0008 8oz  
HBH-Z0016 16oz  
HBH-Z0016M 16oz

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