Multi-function Hand Riveter



For OP open-type rivets

Specifically designed for OP open-type rivets, this rivet gun is lightweight, efficient, and easy to operate. It is suitable for riveting sheet metal, manufacturing components, leather, plastic parts, and more.

Operation Instructions

Suitable for various sizes of aluminum rivets:

img Install the rivet size corresponding to the rotary seat and place it in the rivet gun.
img Align the rivet with the pre-drilled hole and insert it.
img Use force to clamp the two handles for riveting.

Stable and effortless operation, with the added convenience of easily disassembling with a hex wrench.

Technical Specifications

Additional seat specifications are equipped on the handle,
taking up minimal space and allowing for convenient access.

HR-901N Supported Rivets

Grip Forever Product Catalog

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