Cross Ball Pein Hammer

Cross Ball Pein Hammer


Cross Ball Pein Hammer


Although it’s more commonly associated with blacksmithing, the cross peen hammer is a good general
purpose hammer. 



The wedge-shaped end of the hammer allows you to make the metal fuller when used with heat.






  • Shaping and forging metal
  • Pein can be at right angles to the handle or parallel
  • Fitting parts
  • Breaking up objects and driving
  • Starting panel pins and tacks





Technical Specification

Cross Ball Pein Hammer HCB-M00



Item No. Size
HCB-M0016 16mm
HCB-M0018 18mm
HCB-M0020 20mm
HCB-M0022 22mm
HCB-M0025 25mm

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