Machinist Hammer

Machinist Hammer


Machinist Hammer


PATTA Machinist Hammer is generally used by machine shop personnel and auto mechanics. It is meant to be swung much slower letting the weight of the hammerhead do the work.



The main striking face is large and dense while the rear side tends to be pointed. The purpose of the pointed end is to concentrate all the force from the hammer to a smaller area and amplify the impact.






  • It drives heavy objects together or apart, such as spikes into utility poles.
  •  It drop forged alloy steel heads. 





Technical Specification

Machinist Hammer HMT-G



Item No. Size
HMT-G0100 100g
HMT-G0200 200g
HMT-G0300 300g
HMT-G0400 400g
HMT-G0500 500g
HMT-G1000 1000g
HMT-G1500 1500g
HMT-G2000 2000g

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