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  • Flat Head / Round Body with Knurls / Open-End

Flat Head / Round Body with Knurls / Open-End

Suitable for softer materials

High anti-slip strength

Strong resistance to push-in forces

The flat head knurled design allows for a large area to grip the plate during assembly, enhancing the anti-slip performance of the full round cap. The larger flange and flat head structure contribute to higher resistance against push-in forces.

Application & Setting

The anti-slip force is more than twice that of the full round cap.

  • High clamping force
  • Provides significant anti-slip force when assembled on softer materials
  • Suitable for soft materials like aluminum and plastics

The knurled nut is the most widely used cap type in the world.

Technical Specifications

NUT Available Sizes

Rivet Nuts Product Catalog

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