Heat Gun

Heat Gun


Electric Heat Gun


The PATTA AHG20 Heat Gun with 2000w power system, can heat paint or coating by high temperature which makes these residues easily to remove. It general applies to wild ranges, including removing rust, thawing frozen door and lock, release tightly metal fasteners like nuts and screws and soften welding material.



  • Dislodge welding SMD electrical component.
  • Soften the filling resin (circuit components inside the smallest damage), adhesives, caulking agents and putty
  • Faded PP plastic parts restore colour & gloss
  • Shrink tube/film/bag heat shrinkage, welding, etc
  • Tear sticker, remove glue
  • Paint Removal (it’s easy to scrape after roast)
  • Stoving Varnish
  • Defrosting the drain channel of the roof
  • Refrigerator defrost





Technical Specification

Heat Gun AHG20


Rated Power Input           2000w
Low Temperature 50-480 ゚C
High Temperature 50-600 ゚C
Air Flow Low Temperature          

210-250 ゚C

Air Flow High Temperature

340-380 ゚C
Net Weight 0.8kg
Download Available
Heat Gun AHG20 Operation Manual PDF 1.9 Mb  

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