Circular Saw

Circular Saw


Electric Circular Saw


The PATTA ACS11 Electric Circular Saw is applied to sawing wood or plastic or outdoor. The machine can also set up as table saw with tripod. Once do so, it can be used to groove wood or cut all plastic plates or plastic coated board, even thin aluminium and concrete plate.

Feature Benefits


  • Suitable for a solid working platform on the sawing work, can be vertical
  • Horizontal straight line or bevel sawing
  • Sawing angle saw the largest angle is 45&50 degrees
  • Innovative magnetic circuitry design for high torque and high power density to complete tough jobs
  • Custom engineered to exact requirements






  • Cutting all types of plywood, sheetrock, framing materials and even some smaller pieces of trim
  • Plastic or masonry material can be cut by switching the blade




Technical Specification

Electric Circular Saw ACS11-185


Rated Power Input 1100w

No-load Speed


Max. Cutting Capacity


Max. Cutting Angle


Net Weight


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