KING POINT Received National Diamond Award

National Excellence Enterprise Exemplar Award


PATTA Honored the 30th National Excellence Award. 40 years of dedication.

In 2021, a total of 19 Taiwanese enterprises were honored with the 30th "National Award of Outstanding SMEs." Among them, King Point Enterprise, a pioneer in creating its own brand "PATTA," was recognized with this prestigious award. CEO David Huang has been managing the "PATTA" brand for 40 years and successfully expanded its presence to over 120 countries globally. With a network of more than 700 distributors, the company's annual revenue has reached billions of dollars in Taiwan currency. Moreover, in the upcoming year, they plan to collaborate with the government's "Salmon Returning Home" business project initiative to establish Hung Sheng Industrial's global logistics center in Kaohsiung. This initiative aims to create a high-tech production and manufacturing base, further solidifying their position in the industry.

During the ceremony, KING POINT ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. CEO David Huang expressed gratitude for the national recognition bestowed upon the company, emphasizing that King Point Enterprise aspires to become a model of "sustainable business enterprise" in Taiwan's future. Born in 1960 in Kaohsiung, Ceo David Huang possesses the qualities of a successful entrepreneur, including keen market insights, a naturally meticulous personality, and the courage to take bold actions. Starting from traditional nail manufacturing in 1981, he founded King Point Enterprise, which manufactures and markets hardware fasteners, construction accessories, and high-value-added products. Over time, the company has grown into a company with an annual revenue of 2 billion dollars in Taiwan currency. In order to differentiate from traditional industries, he places great importance on brand marketing. Become has successfully propelled the "PATTA" brand onto the international stage, transforming himself into an iconic figure within the hardware empire.

Today, KING POINT ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. boasts a diverse product line spanning fasteners, construction hardware, high-strength fasteners for solar electric vehicles, and more. Its sales footprint extends across the globe, encompassing Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Oceania. Moving forward, KING POINT ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. envisions "PATTA" becoming the most professional and trusted one-stop-shop brand for hardware on a global scale. The company aims to promote its diversified products internationally and establish "PATTA" as a household name in the hardware industry.

CEO David Huang stated that the company's self-created brand "PATTA" is composed of the five core values: Professional, Active, Trustworthy, Typical, and Ambitious. These values not only embody the brand's spirit but also reflect the company's aspirations for sustainable business growth and broad expansion. He emphasized that the company's most important corporate vision is to become a globally recognized, professional, and trusted one-stop-shop brand for hardware. The team at KING POINT ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is dedicated not only to increasing production capacity but also to maintaining excellent quality. The ultimate goal is for "PATTA" to become a renowned supplier of components for global automotive manufacturers and to ascend as a legend in the realm of the "Hardware Empire."

During the pandemic, many businesses heavily reliant on international trade faced operational risks. The corporation formulated precise measures to navigate these challenges, ensuring the avoidance of losses and implementing swift and effective strategies. This approach has garnered the confidence of clients and related businesses. As the pandemic situation gradually improves, CEO David Huang continues to lead the team in planning for "post-pandemic demand" on a global scale. Additionally, the company is actively embracing digitalization to reduce potential unknown risks in international trade.

Corporation has strategically positioned Taiwan as its global logistics hub, Kunshan in China as the Greater China logistics hub, and Vietnam as the ASEAN logistics hub. The company also has plans to merge and acquire domestic and international channels. CEO David Huang expressed that, with 40 years of history, he envisions the company's future to be rooted in Taiwan and focused on sustainable operations. In anticipation of future economic trends, the company aims to establish a "digital" and "smart" landscape. Initiatives such as "Smart Warehousing," "Smart Manufacturing," "Smart Handling," and "Intelligent Marketing" are being developed. In June next year, KING POINT ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. plans to collaborate with the government's "Returning Salmon to Hometown" initiative, integrating the "Kaohsiung Industry Fleet."

As the trend of the big data era emerges, many traditional enterprises are facing the challenges brought by AI and artificial intelligence. Corporation has also incorporated blockchain technology into its business optimization projects. Through blockchain technology, the company aims to achieve transparency and traceability for its logistics products. This allows them to stay informed about the status of its client operations at any given time. In the event of unexpected issues, proactive solutions can be sought in advance, reducing overall risk levels, and enhancing competitiveness. Furthermore, utilizing blockchain technology helps the company adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, thereby stabilizing external confidence in the industry.

Tang Wei-Zhe

Taiwan Commercial Times News

09 October 2023