Angular Spiral Shank Concrete Nail

Angular Spiral Shank Concrete Nail


Product Features

High Strength Anti-Corrosion


Angular Spiral Shank Nails are widely used in construction, workshop to attach wood, shelving or other types of material to a concrete or masonry surface.



  • Decorating
  • Hard wood
  • Brick wall
  • Concrete wall





  • Steel
  • Zinc Plated



Technical Specification

Angular Spiral Shank Concrete Nail





Sizes (mm)

Dia (d) Length mm (L) Material 
3.0 25.0 Steel/Zinc Plated
3.2 38.0 Steel/Zinc Plated
3.6 50.0 Steel/Zinc Plated
4.0 65.0 Steel/Zinc Plated
4.2 75.0 Steel/Zinc Plated
4.5 100.0 Steel/Zinc Plated
4.5 125.0 Steel/Zinc Plated
4.5 150.0 Steel/Zinc Plated

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