Door Closer

Door Closer


Product Features

Smooth action door closer


PATTA Door Closer PC0770 with adjustable closing and latching speeds with thermo-constant valve. Position selectable closing force 2, 3, 4 UL listed.

Features & Applications



  • Selectable closing Force
  • Selectable closing Force EN 2~4
  • Adjustable closing and latching speed 4. Non-handed installation
  • One closer provide 3 different power sizes-Save inventory cost
  • Non-handed installation
  • Adjustable Back check (optional)






  • Architectural applications
  • Commercial applications


Available in a range
of colours and finishes

Colours include:

  • Painted-Silver
  • Brown
  • Black
  • White
  • Red-Brown
Additional Colours: Bespoke colour options are available with large bulk orders. Contact us more more details.




PC0770 Door Closer
01m 33s
Technical Specification

PC0770 Door Closer




Settings Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
Max. Door Width 870mm 950mm 1100mm

Max. Door Weight

40kg 60kg 80kg

Max. Opening Angle

160 160 145

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