Hardware Kingdom 4.0 Digital Transformation Smart Manufacturing

Guideline Plan for Innovative Growth


We Staying aligned with global trends embracing the era of 4.0 intelligent automation. It has crafted a comprehensive Navigation Plan to expand smart factory in Renwu, Kaohsiung, to implement intelligent management.

In recent years, global manufacturing industries have entered the phase of digital transformation, stepping into the new era of "Industry 4.0" and smart manufacturing. This shift towards intelligent automation involves leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine connectivity to revolutionize business models. It also addresses three key objectives: increasing production capacity, reducing costs, and enhancing product diversity, all while adapting to rapidly changing market demands. Starting from the sale of small screws, PATTA brand has evolved to closely follow global trends and progressively built the "Hardware Kingdom" that it is today. The expansion of the Renwu Smart Factory further accelerates the journey towards Industry 4.0.

PATTA was officially founded by CEO Mr. David Huang in 1981. With 40 years of dedicated effort, along with his keen insights and ability to assess the situation, he has consistently made the best decisions that have led to remarkable achievements. Despite this success, CEO continues to maintain a relentless drive, accelerating the pace of digital transformation, and advancing towards the goal of "Industry 4.0."

He has positioned the PATTA brand in the "mid-range" market segment, dedicated to providing high-quality yet reasonably priced products. With a commitment to the "MIT-Made in Taiwan" quality, the brand serves customers globally. The focus on research and development keeps the brand in sync with global trends, deepening the connection between the brand and its customers, thereby enhancing trust and recognition. Currently, as part of its ongoing global strategic initiatives, the corporation is actively driving the "Industry 4.0" transformation and has formulated the "Guiding Plan" to become a sustainable and prosperous enterprise focused on "intelligence," "green energy," and "efficiency" by the year 2026.

The "Guiding Plan" unfolds in three strategic phases. The first phase involves consolidating the existing brand strength, focusing on quality research and development, and preparing for official listing on the stock market. The second phase encompasses the construction and activation of the "Renwu Smart Factory," implementing "Smart Manufacturing," "Intelligent Warehousing," and "Smart Logistics" through advanced management practices. This phase aims to create new business models and pursue sustained profitability growth. The third and final phase focuses on sustainable operations. While maintaining stable growth, the company remains committed to its corporate responsibilities. By using "intelligence" to enhance "efficiency," the plan aims to achieve the goal of "green energy" in its operations.

The "Renwu Smart Factory" is situated in the Industrial Park in Kaohsiung, covering an area of 9,000 square meters. It is designed to feature a 15,000-unit automated warehouse, integrating the data analysis. By employing data analysis and AI-assisted decision-making systems, it collects decision-making intelligence, optimizing the utilization of existing and cutting-edge resources. This facility serves as the primary smart base for future endeavors. Additionally, the company also actively integrating industry resources to establish the local strategic alliance "Kaohsiung Industry Team." Collaborating with partners, the company aims to venture into international markets together, promoting mutual benefits and prosperity.


PATTA International

15 October 2023