Angle Grinder

Angle Grinder


Product Features

Angle Grinder


The PATTA AAG07-115 Angle Grinder can be used in general environments. It is especially good at enforcing metal surface cleaning, burring and welding groove. Different outer-diameter grinding wheels and power could be selected depending on the required need.

Feature Benefits


  • Thermovent for better air circulation
  • Aluminum Gear Housing for durable
  • Removable Auxiliary Handle for safer operation and better assistance
  • Thickened Wheel Guard for longer life time and prevents dust & sparks






  • Metal cleaning
  • Cuts bars, rods, and bolts
  • Cuts tile, stone and concrete
  • Restores cutting edges
  • Cutting out old mortar





Technical Specification

Angle Grinder AAG07-115


Max. Wheel Diameter           115mm
Hole Diameter of Wheel


Rated Power Input 710w
Rated Speed 11800 r/min
Net Weight 1.6kg

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